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I have been thinking about this space here for about a month now. It’s been almost two since I posted at What Julia Ate. I’m missing it. There’s so much to say! And although I do love it, Instagram doesn’t feed me the way writing does. My photos belong with some writing; that’s not to say that all photos need writing to make them stand. But mine do. I want to say things. That’s why I take pictures!

Like the above? There’s so much to say: like those apricots were super tiny from the orchard down the block from me and because the owner of the farm doesn’t have an easy time selling them because they are so tiny (but delicious! an Italian variety!) he might chop the trees down, which I’ve been worrying about all winter. Or that apricot liqueur is still my favorite to make, but I still wonder what to do with the apricots because you know there’s something special to make out of them. A fancy mustard? A syrupy sauce?

I’ve been stalling on starting this blog lately, even though I’ve been writing and thinking about writing a lot. And I miss it. And I’m waiting too long. Deliberating too much. I was just thinking about this the other day, just telling myself you can’t over think it. Things take time and even if you wish them to be a certain way, you can be pretty sure that they will change regardless of how you try to keep them a certain way. Then I read this piece on Dianne Jacob’s site Will Write for Food, which was really Molly Wizenberg talking about her blog and writing there. It was very inspiring, so I took it to heart.



I could eat so many clementines! In this sitting I had five. When they are good, they are very good, and when they are bad they are horrible. Lately, I’ve been noticing imposter clementines; a little larger, not easy to peel, not quite as sweet. I am wary to buy a case because who knows if they will be any good? A grocer I was talking to the other day didn’t understand why I balked at the $7.99 price tag. I am willing to pay the price if I know I am getting quality. But I’ve been burned so many times…

Staying Hungry

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