Moss and Waterfalls

This week was quite intense on pretty much all levels, and I hope you are making it through. It’s one of those weeks where you utilize every tool you have in your stay sane kit. My kit relies heavily on walking. The other day I walked along a stream thick with bright green mosses, and though it was bitterly cold out, I was revived by the lush greenery on the banks of the lively, rushing creek. Today, I sought out waterfalls. This weekend, which is predicted to be 62 degrees, might be a good waterfalling weekend, if you are so inclined. The water levels are very high, and more rain is in the forecast, so now would be a good time.

There is nothing so soothing as a waterfall—it’s a sensory overload, and just sitting next to one is enough to scrub your heart. The sound itself paired with the thrumming vibration takes over your mind, at least for me. Even a small quiet trickle is enough to stop your mind from getting too far away in anxious busy thoughts. The bonus is the surrounding areas are usually greener than the rest of the woods. The rich greens lift me up every time.




  1. “enough to scrub your heart” – LOVE THIS

    Also, I tend to have anxious thoughts when my mind is at rest in bed. Whether it be playing out scenarios – what will I do if a bear attacks the kids (no, really. long story?) – or just dwelling on the terrible state of so many things in the world. However, I have gotten really good at recognizing when I am doing it and walking myself back. I often do what my friend Allegra suggested and visualize that I am standing on a rock in a stream and my thoughts are logs flowing by, so I can’t stay connected to them, they are simply moving along.

    1. Thank you, Kristin! Always so appreciative of your comments. There’s a lot of things to be anxious about; I’ve always been that kind of person. That’s a really visualization, to let things move right past you.

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